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El Reencuentro - Teaser


Soundtrack music and animations by Animasai of Animasai Studios for Miguel Gleason's "El Reencuentro - 500 años" Internationally Award-Winning Film Documentary.

The Mythological Serpent


Extended unedited censored version of 🥇award winning animation by Animasai of Animasai Studios with Animasa's original music of an original concept by Miguel Gleason for his multiple awarded Film Documentary 🏵 with Muesart 'El Reencuentro'. The original storyboard was made by Andrés Morán.

VFX Film Samples


Animasai Studios' simple VFX samples for the films Celebratorium and Efficiency by Daniel Capone, Glass by Jason R. Gray, Pestis by Steven Lang and for reality show The Vollmers by Brian Vollmer of Helix. Background music is by Ánima's electronic nemesis DJ Animathrone.

Demo Reel


A series of animations and films by Animasai Studios from 2013 to 2021 displaying different styles such as: 2D, 3D, VFX, motion graphics, lyric videos, etc.

Ghosts Unchained


Original pilot horror type of reality show created, directed and partly filmed by Animasai for a film. Credits go to Trevor Harding, Mike Wells, Caroline El Khoury, Paul Gilbert, Nick Ferwerda and Atul Salë for their participation in this particular episode filmed in London, Ontario and to Jerry A. Ziler for letting us use one of his cameras as well.

El Reencuentro -
Documentary Film 




Animated paintings, SFX and music by Animasai for the project "El Reencuentro" by the Mexican history researcher Miguel Gleason. The paintings are from the 17th century by Juan & Miguel González. 

Winner of the Jury Award for BEST SHORT at the 2014 TIFF (Toronto Independent Film Festival) for Filmaker Photographer, Jason R. Gray. Animations and some post-production editing for his upcoming film "Glass" were done by Animasai.



Lami & Banti


Animasai contributed with VFX to Daniel Capone's Sci-Fi Efficiency project.


Directed and written by Animasai.



Opening Credits & CGI FX for the film Celebratorium by Daniel Capone, featuring the legendary Brian Vollmer.



Original mystery spin-off full length Animasai film of The Ram Project. Watch these entirely made CGI sample animations!

Fallen Leaf Films


Includes symphonic original theme plus intro by Animasai for Nick Ferwerda.

Pestis Film


CGI FX with leeches from hell, slime, running blood & opening credits for the movie Pestis by director Steven Lang and producer Mike Tyrrell. Watch the first animation test done for one of the scenes.


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