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Background music by Animasai,

founder of Animasai Studios.

Animasai Studios began as a home studio called Kailasa Priya Es-Tu-Dios in 2004 before creating Cibertitlán. In 2013 its current name was officially established when it became the first animation company of its kind in London, Ontario. CGI Generalist Animasai is its founder.


Animasai Studios is the pioneer 2D and 3D animation production company in London, Ontario specializing in cartoons and animations for short films and full-length features with a unique style, which can bring to life artificial intelligent and non-artificial intelligent characters through the power of its original codes, the Animas-AI one. Not only does Animasai Studios specializes in love-driven CG art, but also in sound FX and the creation of musical scores for shorts and full-length features.


Animasai Studios was also the host of Video Game Designer and Developer students from London, Ontario's Trios College and has given special training to animation and art graduates from Fanshawe College and the University of Western Ontario.

What else does Animasai Studios do?

Animasai Studios is not only London Ontario's first 2D and 3D animation company of its kind producing photorealistic animations and cartoons for short and full length films, but it also does all sorts of videos and projects related to computer graphic design and audio, such as: musical videos, motion graphics, infomertials, visual FX, video games, websites, special events, commercial spots and presentations for the TV or Internet, corporate videos through whiteboard animations and more, documentaries, visualization services for Science and Education, musical scores, audio recordings and sound FX, etc.



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