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What is RSAI?

  • RSA stands for Royal Society of Arts.

  • RSAI is a hybrid word using RSA and Animasai.

  • RSAI videos are a form of service provided by Animasai Studios to deliver in a simple, yet creative way, anything you desire. It is ideal for corporate businesses, but not limited to them only.



  • Watch our latest RSAI explanainer video made for the Ontario Neurodegenrative Disease Research Initiative (ONDRI) with the voice-over of Paul Gingerich. This is the long original version.


    RSAI Animasai Studios new animation services.


    Please leave us a message below to receive a list of our rates for this service. Also, do not forget to include a link to your site (if you have one), your location and specify us what you are looking for in your animation.



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