Lake Of Death - Live Session


Live session directed, filmed & edited by Animasai of the band Lake of Death.


In Your Eyes - By Laura Gagnon.


Award-winning video of pop star filmed, directed and edited by Animasai at Animasai Studios.

2 L8 Tha Her0 from The Elujin Project band.


Official Music Video. Collaboration by Jim Macfie, Anson Weese, Diana Rivera, Rudra, Shivani & Animasai.

Lock Stock Lola from The Alcohollys band.


Credits can be found at the end of this video.

Joy To The Poor - Christmas Music - By Animasai.


Classic Christmas carols and music performed and recorded entirely by Animasai with arrangements by others and Animasai Studio's founder.

Whoz There - Galaxy Cloak - By Menes The Pharaoh & The Sorcery Orchestra.


Video is available on YouTube. Co-directed & Filmed with Mike Wells. First Cut sequence was also done by Animasai, but the composition and rest is by the Sorcery Orchestra.

© 2013 by Animasai Studios. All rights reserved.