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Music Video Directed by Animasai


A goth concept for an Atmospheric Doom Metal Project.


Original Soundtrack Music & Animations by Animasai


Original raw soundtrack music samples and SFX with original animations by Award Winning animator Animasai for multiple Award Winning 'El Reencuentro' (500 años) International Film by investigator Miguel Gleason and Muesart.


Lake Of Death - Live Session


Live session directed, filmed & edited by Animasai. Additional credits can be found at the end of the video.


In Your Eyes - By Laura Gagnon.


Award-winning video of pop star filmed, directed and edited by Animasai at Animasai Studios.

Sold for Sheep - Live Promo Video


Sold For Sheep Promo Video Filmed & Edited By Animasai using an old cell phone camera and a simple DSL one!

Lyric Music Video For The Band Lake Of Death.


Animations, original art images (except for logo name), photographs and footage created and taken by Animasai for thrash-death metal band Lake of Death..

2 L8 Tha Her0 from The Elujin Project band.


Official Music Video. Collaboration by Jim Macfie, Anson Weese, Diana Rivera, Rudra, Shivani & Animasai.

Lock Stock Lola from The Alcohollys band.


Credits can be found at the end of this video.

Whoz There - Galaxy Cloak - By Menes The Pharaoh & The Sorcery Orchestra.


Video is available on YouTube. Co-directed & Filmed with Mike Wells. First Cut sequence was also done by Animasai, but the composition and rest is by the Sorcery Orchestra.

© 2013-2023 by Animasai Studios. All rights reserved.

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